Monday, January 28, 2008

On The Plane

My little pod guy was a stubborn fellow. He wouldn’t listen to reason and he had an attitude problem. Enough was enough. I was ready to ditch him and move on with my life. I was about to post him for sell on E-bay last night when he got scared and started working. I’m sitting here listening to some sweet music, and the little pod guy and I are friends now. So don’t worry. Life is good. I just thought you all should know.


Airplanes are a funny thing. And they raise a lot of questions. For instance, why are the seats always blue? Why can’t they be orange? And why don’t they serve M&Ms for the snack instead of peanuts? And why did I have to loose an earring? (Note to self: Find it. Or else.)

I’ve had a lovely time so far, listening to John Mayer and eating Austin’s crackers. Life’s looking great. I just hope I don’t freeze when we get off the plane. It was 18 degrees outside during our layover in Salt Lake City, and it’s supposed to be 28 degrees when we get to Baltimore.



Sarah B said...

When were you here?? How long was the layover?

We totally would have driven the 15 minutes out to the airport to see you guys if you had had time!

(Next time... tell us about these things! *friendly glare*)

Danadelfos said...

You must just not fly the right airlines, some do have orange seats. ;)